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Hi-Note FAQ

According to the manual, Hi-Note is supposed to create hierarchical notes if I import memos with hyphens in them, but it doesn't seem to work. What's wrong?
You are probably expecting ONE memo in the Memo Pad to be divided into SEVERAL hierarchical notes in Hi-Note. The import function doesn't work this way. Hi-Note converts each memo into one note. To build a hierarchical structure, you need to divide your document into multiple memos. To see an example of properly formatted memos, use the export function in Hi-Note to export a set of hierarchical notes (make sure the "combine sub-notes" option is OFF when you export).

Does Hi-Note back up my notes?
Hi-Note is designed to make a full copy of your notes in the Backup folder during each HotSync. The Backup folder is located inside the user folder in the Palm Desktop folder. Unfortunately, early versions of Palm's HotSync Manager had bugs which prevented the file from being backed up or only backed it up one time. To solve this problem, you should update to version 2.0.1 or higher of the HotSync Manager.

Compact Pro FAQ

Is Compact Pro Y2K compliant?
We have not done extensive Year 2000 testing of Compact Pro. However, we do not expect Compact Pro to have any date-related problems until the year 2040.

Why does Compact Pro skip some sub-folders when I use the Add function?
Compact Pro skips empty folders if you haven't checked "Include Empty Folders" in the preferences.

Why doesn't the compacted size column on the total line show 0 for an empty archive?
The compacted size column indicates the total space required in the archive including the internal overhead Compact Pro requires to keep track of filenames, etc.

Is there a way to avoid the large amount of floppy swapping when copying one multi-segment archive to another?
If you have a hard disk with enough space to hold the entire archive, it is much quicker to make the copy in two steps. First, open the original multi-segment archive with Compact Pro and use the Save As command to make a copy on the hard disk. This will be a single segment archive. Next, open the archive on the hard disk and use the Save As command again to make the new multi-segment archive.

Why does Compact Pro keep asking me to insert disks after I have cancelled a Save operation?
When you are creating a multi-segment archive and you cancel the operation or an unrecoverable error occurs, Compact Pro asks you to re-insert all the other disks so that it can remove the files which no longer contain valid information.

It seems like the Delete original after saving option in the Add dialog box only works some of the time. What's wrong?
For a file to be deleted, the Delete original after saving checkbox must be checked BEFORE you add the file.

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